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How to Grow in Your Faith: Risk

Today’s Spiritual Growth Principle: Increase your spiritual risk level.

People who put themselves in more spiritually challenging situations often find that they are more aware of their need for God and his work in their life. Do you need to start serving on a Ministry Team at church where you’ll have to sacrifice and rely on God’s help to use you? Do you need to start serving needy people outside the church? Do you need to share your faith with more non-Christians who will ask you tough questions? Do you need to give more financially in a way that causes you to be increasingly dependent? Do you need to take a role where you are leading or teaching others? People who put themselves in risky, uncomfortable, and sacrificial situations often find that it is a significant catalyst for growth.

How have you seen God work in your life through risk? What risks could you take for the kingdom?


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If you want to grow, you better risk

I recently listened to a fascinating talk by Greg Hawkins, the executive pastor of Willow Creek Community Church. The talk was from last year’s Exponential Conference and it’s him explaining the findings from the REVEAL report. This report was based on research that Hawkins’ team conducted to try to determine which spiritual activities and practices were catalytic toward spiritual growth. It’s definitely worth listening to.

The results of the research aren’t shocking, but one thing that stuck out to me was that at every stage of spiritual development, risk is a key component of spiritual growth. Those who keep risking and keep stepping just one step beyond where they feel comfortable are those who keep growing. I think it’s because when we risk we are forced to trust God even more and we get the blessing of seeing him provide the help we need.

I’m seeing this big time in our launch team. As people are stepping out in faith in ways that stretch them, they are growing by leaps and bounds. It’s very exciting.

So…What risk do you need to take as a catalyst towards your next burst of spiritual growth?

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