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Death by Love: Addiction and Atonement

On this Good Friday, I want to recommend a wonderful teaching by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, “Death by Love: Addiction and Atonement.” This audio was recorded at a past conference for CCEF, one of the best organizations when it comes to equipping counselors and others who help people.

In this message, Driscoll discusses how the atonement frees us from addiction and provides a number of helpful lenses through which to find help.

I was particularly blessed by a story he tells about how one husband responded to news of his wife’s past adultery (you’ll have to listen to hear it!).

Driscoll also wrote a terrific book on this topic, Death by Love. One of our Community Groups went through this book last summer and it proved to be very fruitful.

Click here to listen to the audio.

Click here for more information about the CCEF podcast.

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Does Satan Exist?

Nightline recently did a debate about the existence of Satan, featuring Mark Driscoll, Annie Lobert, Deepak Chopra, and Bishop Carlton Pearson that will  air in part tonight on ABC. You can watch it in full at the Nightline Face-Off website.

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Men & Masculinity

One of the things that makes a church strong is having solid, committed, growing men who are leading their lives, families, work and ministry in God-honoring ways. Women are (of course) a key part of a healthy church, but it seems like our culture is especially thirsty for strong men who love God.

Mark Driscoll’s sermon, “Men and Masculinity” has been quite helpful to me and to a variety of the men I’ve worked with over the last few years. In it, he outlines a few of the key ways that men neglect their role and provides a great challenge for men to step up as leaders.

If you’re a woman, this audio would still be helpful as you seek to encourage your husband or brother and as you raise sons.

Click here to listen.

For more Mark Driscoll resources, click here.

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