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March 14th Construction Update (New Photos!)

After a couple of weeks of slow-down waiting for door frames, the work at 8743 E Pecos Rd is hopping again. Most noticeably, we’re starting to see pieces of the OSB wood get installed. It’s a fairly involved process of sanding, staining, and finishing, but the finished product looks great.

Here are some of the latest photos:

New drywall 'boxes' around the main entrances to The Box

Portions of the OSB going up (not finished)

In The Box with portions of the exterior wall covered in OSB

Down the classroom hallway. Drywall and door/window frames are in.

Wall tile in bathroom (with cool design / layout)

Office space with window into break room




February 23rd Construction Update (New Photos!)

Well, we’ve hit our first construction delay since the project began (some door frames coming in later than expected), but there’s still significant progress since the last update and the delay shouldn’t impact our April opening. You’ll notice that much of the drywall is up, the ceiling is painted out black, and the skylights are in. There’s also a lot of wiring work complete that you can’t really see. Once the door frames come in, things will pick up quickly again.

We’re still praying that we can get in a few weeks before Easter and we’re praying that God uses us to reach many people for Jesus.

In other good news, our Beyond campaign is almost half way to goal in terms of actual giving and continues to come in strong.

Check out the latest photos below:

From the front entrance. Notice the hanging drywall over the refreshment sink area (on the right), the wiring for welcome screens, and the skylights.

A view from the back of "The Box"

A different angle from the back of "The Box," including the sound/tech booth.

The check-in counter (missing the counter)

Looking back towards the main entrance, the restrooms and a tables/chairs storage area.

A view of the admin space, including the framing for the workspace (copier, paper-cutter, etc)

One of the classrooms

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January 20 Construction Update (New Photos!)

The progress on 8743 E Pecos Rd and the Beyond Campaign continues to be significant and exciting. Every time I go over there, more has changed. As of yesterday, all of the ‘walls’ of the interior are up (at least in metal stud form). It makes it where you can really get a solid feel for how big certain spaces are and how the flow of the building will be.

Additionally, drywall has gone up in a number of places and most of the duct work is complete.

In the pictures below you’ll see a look at the admin space (drywalled), the view from the front door (note the 80′ wall on the left), a couple of looks inside ‘The Box,’ a view down the classroom hallway, and a view of the kids check-in area.

Please keep praying that God would use this space, and us as his people, to extend his gospel to as many people as possible!

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January 6 Construction Update (New Photos!)

Work continues to progress on 8743 E Pecos and the Beyond project, as more wall frames have gone up, much of the HVAC ducts are getting installed, and a few skylights have been punched in the ceiling. It is very cool to see the space change each week!

Also, having the work take place indoors allows us to keep going even when there’s inclement weather (though the fierce wind last week beat the heck out of our “Future Home of Second Mile” sign).

Soon many people will be gathering here to exalt the name of Jesus!

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Construction Update (New Photos!)

After months of planning, praying, and all kinds of other work, the building at 8743 E Pecos Rd is now under construction. It’s an empty shell that we are building out as a space for worship, hosting community events, and proclaiming the good news of Jesus to all who enter.

You can see that the framing for the interior walls is starting to go up, and you’ll also see a picture of the interior black ceiling lining that will provide sound absorption in The Box (for a look at the design of the space, click here).

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BEYOND Update: Construction Starts Today!

We are excited to announce that construction begins today on the new facility at 8743 E Pecos Rd! The existing shell is already there, so this buildout project is anticipated to conclude in time for Easter 2011. For photos of the facility and some architectural drawings, click here.

We will be taking regular pictures of the facility and updating them here on the blog.

Please be praying that the work would go smoothly, that the contractor would do an excellent job, and that communication between all the various parties would flow naturally.

Above all, be praying that God would be preparing a harvest in our community of people whose lives need to be transformed by the gospel and be praying that God would be preparing us to serve and bless.

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Video: Beyond Update – Celebrating God’s Grace!

Yesterday was a great day for Second Mile Church. We had a really sweet time celebrating God’s grace and looking ahead to our next series, Jesus on Prayer (click here for yesterday’s message). Our people have really stepped up to pledge and give sacrificially, and the pledge commitments continue to grow.

Check out this brief video for the latest financial updates as well as the latest on construction.

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