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The Heart Behind Our Advent Study

Check out the introduction to our new Advent Series study guide, which explains the heart behind the Advent Season. If you’re like me, and some of the historical traditions of the church are not something you’re familiar with, this will be a helpful brief article for you.

“The Heart Behind the Advent Season”


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New Advent Series Begins Sunday!

I’m so excited about the beginning of our new Advent sermon series that starts this Sunday:

The celebration of the season of Advent (which means “coming” or “arrival”) dates back to the fourth century. It is a time that focuses our attention on Jesus Christ’s birth and ministry as well as his Second Coming when he will return to redeem all of creation and rule with all power and authority. Just like you would prepare your home for the arrival of an important guest, the Advent season is a time for “spiritual housecleaning” to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus. Our approach during this series—entitled “Behold, I Am Coming Soon”—will be to answer the question, “What would you do to prepare your heart if you knew Jesus was returning on December 25th?”

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