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February 23rd Construction Update (New Photos!)

Well, we’ve hit our first construction delay since the project began (some door frames coming in later than expected), but there’s still significant progress since the last update and the delay shouldn’t impact our April opening. You’ll notice that much of the drywall is up, the ceiling is painted out black, and the skylights are in. There’s also a lot of wiring work complete that you can’t really see. Once the door frames come in, things will pick up quickly again.

We’re still praying that we can get in a few weeks before Easter and we’re praying that God uses us to reach many people for Jesus.

In other good news, our Beyond campaign is almost half way to goal in terms of actual giving and continues to come in strong.

Check out the latest photos below:

From the front entrance. Notice the hanging drywall over the refreshment sink area (on the right), the wiring for welcome screens, and the skylights.

A view from the back of "The Box"

A different angle from the back of "The Box," including the sound/tech booth.

The check-in counter (missing the counter)

Looking back towards the main entrance, the restrooms and a tables/chairs storage area.

A view of the admin space, including the framing for the workspace (copier, paper-cutter, etc)

One of the classrooms

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