How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage (Cultivating Oneness)

This morning we explored God’s heart for marriage as found in Malachi 2:10-16. I concluded the message with 12 ideas on how to divorce-proof your marriage. Now I’d challenge each of us to set aside some time with our spouse to talk through these issues and explore how you can better serve one another.

One thing I didn’t mention this morning is that to improve in any of these areas might take help, input, mentoring, coaching, or accountability from other people. Invite that kind of community into your life. Don’t go it alone.

  1. Proactively seek mentoring or counseling before you need it.
  2. Have a regular date night.
  3. Have fun together & laugh often.
  4. Make love as much as possible.
  5. Get on the same financial page.
  6. Get on the same parenting page.
  7. Men: do whatever it takes to win the battle for purity.
  8. Set strong boundaries in dealing with opposite sex (both in person and on Facebook)
  9. Always speak respectfully and honorably about each other (especially when not present).
  10. Find enjoyment in serving your spouse.
  11. Get overwhelmed by Jesus’ constant faithfulness to you.
  12. See that the purpose of marriage is to make you more like Jesus.

  1. #1 by M White on January 30, 2011 - 7:56 pm

    We all know these things but what a great reminder.we get lazy.Blessings

  2. #2 by Troy Blakemore on January 31, 2011 - 9:00 am

    This is a wonderful, rich post Luke. Thank you for all the links to even more helpful information. I’ll be forwarding this to many. Thanks again.

  1. boundaries in relationships

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