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January 20 Construction Update (New Photos!)

The progress on 8743 E Pecos Rd and the Beyond Campaign continues to be significant and exciting. Every time I go over there, more has changed. As of yesterday, all of the ‘walls’ of the interior are up (at least in metal stud form). It makes it where you can really get a solid feel for how big certain spaces are and how the flow of the building will be.

Additionally, drywall has gone up in a number of places and most of the duct work is complete.

In the pictures below you’ll see a look at the admin space (drywalled), the view from the front door (note the 80′ wall on the left), a couple of looks inside ‘The Box,’ a view down the classroom hallway, and a view of the kids check-in area.

Please keep praying that God would use this space, and us as his people, to extend his gospel to as many people as possible!

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