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January 6 Construction Update (New Photos!)

Work continues to progress on 8743 E Pecos and the Beyond project, as more wall frames have gone up, much of the HVAC ducts are getting installed, and a few skylights have been punched in the ceiling. It is very cool to see the space change each week!

Also, having the work take place indoors allows us to keep going even when there’s inclement weather (though the fierce wind last week beat the heck out of our “Future Home of Second Mile” sign).

Soon many people will be gathering here to exalt the name of Jesus!

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Ashley & Mike – The Rest of the Story (Sometimes there IS a Bow!)

This past Sunday we shared Louie Giglio’s powerful message, “Anchor of Hope” from his series, “Hope When Life Hurts Most” (you can watch it here or buy the DVD here). One of the most memorable parts of the message was when Louie was sharing about Ashley, the college student who became a Christian after a friend attended the Passion 2007 conference and then died a few months later, just before her graduation (Louie’s talk, “Fruitcake and Ice Cream” tells more of Ashley’s story as well).

Louie also shared about his subsequent interactions with Ashley’s atheist dad, Mike. He said they were in dialogue about Jesus and pursuing a friendship but that there wasn’t a “bow” to wrap around the story — no obviously happy ending.

Well, I was informed yesterday that there is more to the story, which Louie shared with his church last January. In his message, “God is For Us” (about Romans 8), Louie concludes by telling what has happened with Mike in the last few years.

We’ve cut the audio down to about 18 minutes here. You don’t want to miss this!

Click here to listen.

P.S. Sometimes there IS a bow! It just takes longer than we might hope or expect.


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