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What is a Missional Church? (Part 3)

Here’s the third crucial component of being a missional church (see part 1 and part 2)

Create a counter-culture that shows the world how the gospel radically changes us in every way, especially in regards to power, money, and sex.

Up to this point, being a missional church could rightly be accused of being just another re-packaged approach to seeker-sensitive ministry. But missional churches realize that just evangelizing people isn’t enough–we have to disciple them into maturity. Not only does this honor Christ, but it also provides a key apologetic aspect to our evangelistic ministry.

Jesus called us to be distinctive. He says we’re the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” intended to shine good works so that men will glorify God (Matt 5:13-16).

In order to faithfully demonstrate that God is our supreme treasure, we must live in a way that is counter-cultural.

This means that we view power differently. Rather than a way to control and subjugate people, power becomes an opportunity to serve.

This means we view money differently. Rather than a way to achieve the comfort, approval, security, and status we lust for, money becomes a tool to further God’s kingdom. It doesn’t master us.

This means that we view sex differently. Rather than a way to selfishly pursue personal pleasure, we view sex as a good thing created by a loving God to be deeply enjoyed in the context of a fulfilling intimate marriage.

Of course, this also means we view all kinds of other things differently too–but living as a counter-culture is an essential part of living as a faithful missionary.

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