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10 Consequences of Refusing to Forgive

We had a powerful morning today at Second Mile as we looked at some crucial teaching from Jesus about forgiveness. A number of folks asked for one of the lists I read, so I thought I’d post it here. Also, I’ll be posting some other great excerpts from Ray Pritchard’s book, The Healing Power of Forgiveness.

What happens when we refuse to forgive? Here are ten consequences of an unforgiving spirit (Pritchard compiled the list with material from R.T. Kendall, Waylon Moore, and Bob Leland).

1. Your fellowship with the Father is blocked.
2. The Holy Spirit is grieved.
3. Your prayers will not be answered.
4. God leaves you alone to face the problems of life in your own power.
5. The devil gains a foothold through your bitterness.
6. You force God to become your enemy.
7. You lose the blessing of God on your life.
8. You waste time nursing a wounded spirit.
9. You become enslaved to the people you hate.
10. You become like the people you refuse to forgive.

Question: Which of these impact you the most? Anything you’d add?