Get to Know the Elders: Tim Campbell

When I think of Tim Campbell, I think of the words “solid” and “steady.” Not only is he built like a truck and a captain with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, but he’s a man that consistently walks with Jesus and serves him. Along the way in our journey of starting Second Mile, Tim has consistently been a guy that keeps the main thing the main thing. He doesn’t get distracted by what’s flashy or new or cool — but he gets pretty pumped up about Biblical ideas that are true and right and enduring. Here’s a little bit more to know about Tim:

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the military and lived everywhere from Texas to Panama to North Dakota to Okinawa. Arizona was our favorite place, so that’s where we stayed.

How did you meet your wife?

Barbara and I met at a singles group at Bethany Community Church in Tempe–specifically a “singles retreat” in Cornville.

Tell us about your family…

We are currently empty-nesters. We have two grown daughters who are both married and we have four grandchildren.

What are your 3 favorite books of all time?

That’s impossible to answer. Shogun by James Clavelle is probably my favorite novel. James Boice’s Commentary on the Psalms opened them up in a way I never could have appreciated on my own. The more I’m exposed to C.J. Mahaney the more I appreciate the heart of the man. I recently read his book titled Humility, which I highly recommend to everyone. I just wish you could read it once and then be humble.

What do you like to do for fun?

We do a lot of traveling. I generally plan several vacations in a row. Barb and I cook a lot together. I read a great deal and I try to work out faithfully at home.

What is one question you would like answered when you get to heaven?

I want to sit down and watch heaven’s 4D Imax version of the history of the world from the first moment of creation to the triumphal return. I’m not sure what 4D Imax is, but it’s got to be cooler than anything I can think or dream, right?

What areas or aspects of ministry are you particularly passionate about?

Missions and the overall health and vitality of the church.

How has God been growing you recently?

My tongue is getting painfully sore as I learn to bite it more and more.


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