Upcoming Stuff at Second Mile

As school begins again for most people in our neck of the woods, this is a fun and full-throttle time for me and for the leadership of Second Mile. Here are a few key things that are coming up in the weeks ahead:

1. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, 8/4)  is our Children’s Ministry Preview Night. It will be fun night where we discuss and demonstrate some of the new changes to our recently revamped ministry environments for kids, The Pond and Route252. If you’re a Second Mile parent or volunteer, make sure you get there at 7pm. More info is here.

2. This Sunday (8/8) we’re studying Elders and Church Leadership. Few things in life run well with poor leadership, and the church is no exception. Additionally, many people’s church experiences (positive and negative) are shaped by the attitude, role, and makeup of the church’s senior leadership team. In addition to exploring what the Bible teaches about church leadership and followership, we’ll be introducing a group of men that we hope to install as the initial elder team of our church. You can read more about our expectations for the elder team and the process for becoming an elder here.

3. Next Sunday (8/15) is “You Pick the Sermon.” People have been voting at www.secondmilechurch.com/poll and the race is tight (it really is–I’m not hyping it). Your votes matter and literally determine what we talk about that day. Should be fun!

4. The Community Group On-Ramp is about to start again. This fall, almost all of our community groups will be going through the same sermon-based study together — which will be related to our vision as a church and Jesus’ teaching on prayer. I think this may prove to be one of the most life-changing and prayer-habit-forming seasons we’ve ever had. Stay tuned.

5. August 22nd will be the beginning of our next series, “Beyond.” We’ll be looking at our vision as a church, what God’s calling us to do and be in the future, and how God’s heart for those beyond our walls compels us to love the people God has sent us to.

This should all make for a fun fall…plus there will be a few good surprises along the way. Be praying that God would use all these things for his glory and fame.

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