Rejoicing in the Cross

This past Sunday, we took a Journey to the Cross which culminated in reading the story of the crucifixion of Jesus and making a few observations (listen here).

Here were some of the observations we made. Take a moment and rejoice (again!) in the love of Christ for you.

  1. Jesus received the robe of mockery so that we could receive the robe of righteousness.
  2. Jesus could have saved himself and lost his people. Instead he lost himself and saved his people.
  3. Jesus offers radical grace to those who have no hope without him and no opportunity to repay him.
  4. Jesus was forsaken by his Father so that we could be adopted by the Father.
  5. Jesus’ sacrifice rips open access to the presence of God.
  6. Jesus, the truly innocent one, was crucified so that we, the truly guilty ones, could be forgiven.

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