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What makes the church compelling?

Much is written about the church — what it should be, how it should function, and what makes it grow. Few things written are as spot-on as this brief post by James MacDonald.

He writes:

I believe with all my heart, that much of what the church has become in our day is measly, milk-toast, and malnourished. It’s about as compelling as a ‘walk in the mall.’ I believe the New Testament church needs to be compelling. By that I mean, window-rattling, life-altering, Almighty God unveiling, COMPELLING! (I was yelling when I thought/wrote that).

He then gives five marks of a compelling church:

  1. “Thus Saith the Lord,” Preaching
  2. “Spirit, to Spirit” Worship
  3. Stories of God at Work
  4. Loving People Doing Life Together
  5. Miraculous Answers to Prayer

Click here to read the whole article. It’s worth it.

Which of these five things most stood out to you?

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