How to Grow in Your Faith: Prayerful Scripture Reading

Today’s Spiritual Growth Principle: Spend regular time prayerfully reading Scripture.

A secular research company recently did a survey of thousands of people from dozens of churches and found that the most catalytic activity that drove spiritual growth was personal time reading the Bible. The company came to the churches and said, “People need to be reading their Bibles!” We agree. (Click here for a related post on this research)

As you read, ask the following questions and, if possible, write down the answers: What does this passage teach me about God? What does it teach me about humankind and me? How would my life be different if I applied these truths to my life? (Thanks, Susan!)

Need help deciding what to read? See Justin Taylor’s blog for some helpful Bible reading plans:

Once you’ve read some Bible truths, don’t stop there! Pray to God about the things he has revealed through your reading. Share with him the struggles and triumphs you have. Ask for his help in your life to apply his word. Praying people are growing people.

What else helps you prayerfully study God’s Word?


  1. #1 by Sarah on February 15, 2010 - 6:03 pm

    Beautiful site, Luke. I’m gonna go spend sometime with God after reading this.

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