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Resources for the New Year

Though I do not intend to make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, I do think that the end of a year and beginning of a new one is an ideal time to take inventory of our lives and make any course corrections that are necessary. So, here are some helpful resources for approaching the new year of 2010.

What resources have you come across that have helped you prepare for 2010?

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will NOT be a worship gathering today, December 27th.

Perry High School is experiencing an unexpected power outage that appears to be serious in nature and will take a few days to resolve.

We look forward to being together again next Sunday, January 3rd as we kick off the new year.

See you next week!

P.S. This might be a good opportunity to worship as a family. Click here for some helpful ideas.

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Special Christmas Offering

I’m so excited about our opportunity to give in an over-and-above way to bless some people in real need. This Sunday we’ll be taking a Special Christmas Offering that will will be used in the following ways:

  • 50% will be used in 2010 for benevolence to families inside and outside of Second Mile who have been hit hard by the economic downturn. It’s no secret that this is a significant—and growing—group of people. Gifts will provide groceries, power, and other essential resources for families in need.
  • 50% will be given to Biblical Hope, a ministry devoted to providing biblical counseling for women. More than half of these women are not yet followers of Christ, and get referred to Biblical Hope by Crisis Pregnancy Center. These women are often stuck in life-dominating trials and the ministry is a great source of encourage-ment and truth. Gifts will provide Bibles, resources, and other practical items for these hurting women.

If you’d like to participate in this special offering, simply designate your check with “Special Christmas Offering” and either bring it on Sunday or mail it to PO Box 1137, Queen Creek, AZ 85242.


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Warning: This Experience May Cause Intense Spiritual Growth

We believe that there are two things we do together as a church that are catalytic in growing to be more like Christ: 1) Serving, because when we give ourselves for others we become more like Christ, and 2) Community, because it’s not good for man to be alone and we always grow when we’re around the other gifts and strengths of others.

Therefore, at the beginning of each semester, we create an intentional opportunity to connect in these life-changing activities through what we call the “On-Ramp.”

For the next month or so, you can sign up to serve or be in a community group that begins in January. Will you take the challenge?

Click here to get the latest “On-Ramp” information.

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Helpful Guide to Prayer & Fasting

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the ways Molly and I are seeking to draw near to Jesus this Advent season is by committing ourselves to one day per week of fasting and prayer. For us, the best day works out to be Tuesday. We started last week and will continue until Christmas.

If you’d like to join with us in this endeavor, be sure to check out this helpful article by Dr. Bill Bright, who completed five 40-day fasts in his lifetime.

Click here to read the article.


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Can’t Miss Video From Matt Chandler

In yesterday’s sermon, I mentioned a young pastor from Texas, Matt Chandler, who recently had an unexpected seizure and was diagnosed with tumor on his right frontal lobe. He had surgery this past Friday (all reports sound like it has gone well), and he recorded a video for his church family prior to the surgery. It’s a wonderful example of how to approach this kind of trial.

Watch the video here.


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The Heart Behind Our Advent Study

Check out the introduction to our new Advent Series study guide, which explains the heart behind the Advent Season. If you’re like me, and some of the historical traditions of the church are not something you’re familiar with, this will be a helpful brief article for you.

“The Heart Behind the Advent Season”


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