So Thankful

Last night was one of the highlights in the life of Second Mile Church so far. We gathered about 150 strong for a Volunteer Party and Orientation. There was great energy and excitement about serving the Lord together this semester, and I was blown away to see so many people committed to the ministry.

A number of highlights include:

  • Increased participation on every single Ministry Team!
  • Fully staffed children’s ministry (including a few substitutes)
  • 19 people on the brand new Sunday Prayer Team — these folks will be available to pray with people during and after the service
  • Great mid-week volunteers who take care of bulletins, send out emails, and execute great events (like last night — Thanks Leslie & Nikelle!)
  • Hard work, dedication, and love by our great Ministry Team leaders. They were so prepared last night and did a great job serving their people.

We’re also so thankful to our friends at East Valley Bible Church who helped us by providing childcare during this event. We couldn’t have done it without them!



  1. #1 by kathi on September 27, 2009 - 4:53 pm

    What a delight to see so many of our friends at Second Mile! We love you and were honored to provide a minimal amount of service to support one of our favorite church bodies.

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