Are you an Orphan or a Child?

One of the best new resources available on Gospel-Centeredness is a 9-part study called “The Gospel-Centered Life” (they’re offering FREE review copies through 9/30/09). It has some helpful questions, articles and exercises that help you begin to live out the implications of the gospel in an ongoing way.

One of the most helpful exercises in the study is called “Orphans vs. Children.” Take a look at a few of the descriptions below and see which is more a tendency in you (a complete list can be found in the study).


  • Lacks a vital daily intimacy with God
  • Anxious about friends, money, school, grades, etc.
  • Feels as if no one cares about you
  • Lives on a success/fail basis
  • Needs to look good
  • Has to fix your problems
  • Needs to be right
  • Is defensive when accused of error or weakness
  • Has a critical spirit (complaining and bitterness)


  • Feels freed from worry because of God’s love for you
  • Learning to live in daily partnership with God
  • Not fearful of God
  • Feels forgiven and totally accepted
  • A daily trust in God’s sovereign plan for your life
  • Freedom from making a name for yourself
  • Able to examine your deeper motives
  • Open to criticism because you rest on Christ’s perfection
  • Trusting less in self and more in the Holy Spirit

Do you need this study? Get it for free here.

  1. #1 by The Roberts on September 1, 2009 - 9:40 pm

    Wow, this is great! Thank you for sharing.

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