Don’t-Miss Resource: The Destination

A few years ago, Willow Creek Community Church did a study called REVEAL to try to determine the effectiveness of their ministries and programming when it came to making disciples. Their conclusions were surprising to some (not surprising to others) and lead to some interesting thoughts on what makes people grow in their faith. This resource is a talk that Greg Hawkins, the man behind REVEAL, gave to a group of church planters a few years back.

I confess that this is a more “under the hood” kind of resource that may only appeal to those who think about ministry programming and design (like I do), but if you’re a person that has ever felt stuck in your spiritual growth, I think this resource might help you understand some of the factors that contributed.

Click here for the audio.

Click here for the companion PDF notes.

For an interesting video that helps explain what this talk is about, check it out below.


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