All of Life is Repentance

In last Sunday’s sermon, we focused quite a bit on the need for ongoing repentance. This is the idea that we don’t just turn from our sin one time, but that the life of the follower of Jesus is a life of constant turning. With that in mind, I want to recommend a brief, helpful article by Tim Keller entitled “All of Life is Repentance.” It’s worth reading, re-reading, and really trying to work into the fabric of your life.



  1. #1 by Brian Frahm on June 16, 2009 - 3:17 pm

    Following excerpt from

    Chief repenter versus former sinner
    When, in writing to Timothy, Paul referred to himself as “foremost sinner,” he wasn’t engaging in hype or hyperbole. His whole body of writing shows us he really meant it. A former blasphemer, persecutor, and violent man was still a current sinner, in need of the mercy and grace of God. Imagine how encouraging and empowering this was to Timothy. His spiritual father lived a life of ongoing repentance before his very eyes. God’s perfect patience for Paul must have made it easier for Timothy not to live as a poser or pretender.

    When we first planted Christ Community Church in 1986, Dr. Jack Miller preached our constitution service, challenging me and our leadership family to be the chief repenters in the church. When we’ve forgotten or ignored that charge, our congregation has suffered the most. For what is as insufferable as self-righteous leaders?

  2. #2 by Brian Frahm on June 16, 2009 - 3:20 pm

    Forgot to include my comments! :) Repentance really is at the heart of our lives as Christians…. I should say that it NEEDS to be. Appreciated Smith’s comments that Paul lived out a repentant life in front of Paul… it reminds me that I need to do so before my wife, my kids, and my fellow Christians. Even my unbelieving co-workers should see a repentant attitude from me. Lots to work on.

  3. #3 by greatdaneservicedog on June 21, 2009 - 12:12 am

    The more grace God gives me, the more I see to repent of in myself. (And the less I judge others) This is a life of constant turning away from and turning to His cross, isn’t it? Thank God for that cross…it forever points out my faults and forever forgives them.

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