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132 Pictures Song

Today we finished our 132 Pictures series at Second Mile. It was a thought provoking series that really helped me examine my life and, I think, each of us had a similar experience. We finished today’s sermon with a great song by Kristie Braselton, who is soon going to be joining Second Mile (her husband Matthew is our new associate pastor). Her ability to just write something that fits so perfectly is incredible. So, here is the audio (a demo recording) and the lyrics to the song:

132 Pictures

All of us knew that this day would come soon
But it still didn’t ease the goodbye
The flowers were there and the stories were shared
And the photographs captured his life
And I let myself cry as the pictures went by
On the screen to his favorite song
And it struck me how fast, they were gone in a flash
And what mattered was all that we saw
I watched a lifetime go by in a 132 frames
And I saw what precious little will truly remain

If we get 132 pictures
And a four and a half minute song
What will flash on the screen is a glimpse of what will be our legacy
There won’t be many shots of our trophies
Or of the cars parked inside the garage,
No remodeled kitchens, or sea shell collections in memory
Just 132 pictures
What will they be?

Verse 2
This world says “Pursue, take what’s yours, and accrue.”
While comfort sings its lullaby
But the Kingdom says “Go, take a risk, live to show
That our God is the Giver of Life.”
‘Cause I watched a lifetime go by in a 132 frames
And I saw what precious little will truly remain

It’s the faces, it’s the love
It’s His glory shown in us
The glory of God
Is man fully alive



Off to San Diego

I’m leaving this afternoon for a few days with a couple of brothers from Second Mile to go to the San Diego Acts29 Boot Camp. It will be a few days of sharpening the saw with some great Acts29 pastors and also a day of helping assess two potential church-planters (both in the Phoenix metro area).

Acts29 is a great network filled with godly brothers who are passionate about Jesus, and I’m so thankful to be part of this encouraging group of men. For a worldwide look at Acts29 churches and candidates, click here.

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Great Summer Community Groups

I am so excited about the 2009 Summer Community Groups for Second Mile Church. Our leaders have worked really hard to plan ahead and craft what should be a great experience for everybody. Each group has a plan for learning, for mission, and for building community and I trust God will do great things through it. Also, we’re multiplying from 6 groups to 14 and almost every single one has at least one co-leader or apprentice.

Sign-ups for groups begin on Sunday, May 3rd and can be done in person on Sunday or online here.

In the meantime, here’s an advanced look (for the special blog readers) about the various groups being offered (I honestly wish I could participate in every single one — they sound great!):

Knowing Scripture – This group will focus on discovering how to dig out the meaning of Scripture through personal Bible study, and apply it to everyday life.

Gospel Transformation – This group will explore how the gospel changes us from the inside out and propels us into culture with the good news of God’s grace.

The Hurried Family – This group will focus on helping stressed-out, busy families develop calm and rest in their lives, based on the truth of Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Financial Foundations – This group will focus on exploring big-picture biblical teaching on finances, as well as dealing with practical tools to help with budgeting, debt, spending, and giving.

Powerful Prayer – This group will focus on experiencing the powerful work of God through the prayers of ordinary people and will also pray weekly for the needs of people in Second Mile.

International Missions – This group will focus on grasping holistic mission as described in the book of Acts and understanding Second Mile’s ministry partnership among Muslims in Northern India.

The Truth Project – This group will focus on developing a biblical worldview by discovering how the Bible helps us understand theology, science, culture, history, government, work and community involvement.

Death by Love – This group will focus on applying the truth of Jesus’ substitution on the cross to a variety of life issues including fear, forgiveness, suffering, and broken relationships.

Love and Respect – This group will focus on helping couples build stronger marriages by understanding and applying the biblical teaching on marriage in practical ways.

Biblical Hospitality & Basic Cooking – This group will focus demonstrating hospitality, using food to bless those around us, and building relationships at the dinner table.

Respectable Sins – This group will focus on exposing the “respectable sins” that we tolerate (anger, worry, selfishness, impatience, gossip, etc.) and confronting them with the gospel.

Student Ministry – This group will focus on building Jr. High & High School students into disciples who faithfully follow Jesus as they interact with each other as well as with other adult leaders.

Gospel & Mission (Membership) – This group will focus on understanding the doctrine and philosophy that drives Second Mile Church and will give participants the opportunity to partner with the church in membership.

Leadership Development – This group will focus on developing current and potential leaders to grow in character, competence, calling, commitment, and communication.

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