NCAA Tournament Challenge

It’s time again for the NCAA Basketball tourney…I’m inviting you to participate in a FREE and friendly competition through called “Tournament Challenge.” The group is called “AZ Bracketologists” and our motto is “Where total morons think they are geniuses.” Please feel free to invite others who you think might like to play as well.

If you’d like to participate, simply do the following:

1. Go to

2. You will be prompted to either enter your existing member name and password or create a new one for FREE

3. Create only one bracket for this group (give it a name and pick some winners!). All selections must be finalized by the morning of Thursday, March 19. For additional rules and scoring info, go here.

4. If you have other friends you’d like to invite, pass this to them.

5. Check back along the way to see how you’re doing.

May the best moron win!

  1. #1 by Brian Frahm on March 19, 2009 - 8:13 am

    The majority of my picks are moronically genius. :)

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