Learning Contentment

Having a two-year old does wonderful things for your soul. It’s often a lesson in patience, consistency, and a host of other things, but recently it was a lesson in contentment.

We just returned from a brief family getaway to San Diego, where we had received a few free nights as a result of a timeshare presentation we endured a few months back. Though we were happy to have a free trip, the hotel room we stayed in was one of the smaller ones I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t long before Molly and I were rolling our eyes and quietly griping. But Abby, our two year old, quickly scampered onto one of the beds and exclaimed, “This hotel is awesome!”

You see, she was in a new place, experiencing a new thing with the three people she loves most in the world — and that was all a girl could hope for. It was a great lesson for me that I should be content with the amazing things God has given me rather than be a whiner who dishonors the Lord with my complaining (click here for a related video).


  1. #1 by Nancy Keefe on March 4, 2009 - 1:48 pm

    Wonderful story! Just file it under “Spiritual Lessons I Learned From My Children.” I used to teach a Mom’s group and that was one of my favorite topics to teach. You will have many of those “aha” moments in your years of parenting, plus they make great sermon fodder.

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