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Queen Creek Citizen Leadership Institute

Next Tuesday marks the beginning of the 2008-2009 Queen Creek Citizen Leadership Institute, sponsored by the town of Queen Creek. I’m planning to go through this program this year and learn as much as I can about my new town. I went through Gilbert’s Leadership program last year and learned so much and met so many good people that I’m excited to do this one.

Here’s the info.

Want to join me? If you think you’d like to come along with me, let me know. It would be great chance to get to know you better while we learn about our community. Just email me or leave a comment below.

On a related note…Last night I went to a mixer with the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce just to meet some business people who care about the community. I’ve been to a few of these types of events in different settings and people are usually pretty surprised to see a pastor there or to hear about a church that actually cares about the community’s greater needs and not just the church’s needs. It’s all part of being a city-positive church that works for the greater good of the whole city (Jer 29:4-7).

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