Thankful for CEFC

Molly and I are currently traveling through the midwest on a wedding circuit. A few days ago we spent some time back in Champaign, IL revisiting our days at the University of Illinois and reconnecting with some friends. It was great to be back and to re-stock our Illini gear.

We spent one evening with some friends from our old church, Community Evangelical Free Church. We were there during the back half of our undergraduate years. Though we were students who didn’t bring much to the table in terms of either money or service, they poured into us and made us part of the church family. Seeing these friends was a great encouragement.

Additionally, we were blessed by one of the finest Bible teachers I have ever heard, Mike Shea. His Galatians, Luke and Isaiah series were life-changing, and I still listen to his sermons on a regular basis.

Click here for a link to Mike Shea’s sermons.

Molly and I found ourselves refreshed by their encouragement and reminded of how faithful God has been to us. It also makes me hope that some college students passing through ASU Polytechnic will find a similar home at Second Mile Church.


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