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Off to Orlando

Tomorrow Molly and I begin the 4-day Global Church Advancement Church Planting Seminar in Orlando. This conference has been recommended by Steve Ogne (EVBC’s church-planting coach) and is one of my requirements for completing the membership process to Acts29.

I am very excited to have the chance to be with other people who are in this process and to get some real practical, gospel-driven training. Also, I’m thrilled to do this with Molly and to have the shared experience together, not to mention just time away together.

If you think of us, here are some things we’d like you to pray for:

-That our hearts would be knit even stronger together in this church planting work.
-That we would learn some important lessons in advance to save us and the church future heartache and pain.
-That we would be able to meet and network with like-minded people for encouragement and future ministry partnership.
-That our daughter, Abby, would do well in our time away from her (this is the longest we’ve been away from her).

Thanks! I’ll be sure to post some updates and key things we learn.


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