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Depending on Jesus

It doesn’t take long in the process of starting a new church before you realize how much work there is to be done. Even when you have a great and growing team of people helping, like we have with Second Mile, there is still much to do (things like gathering people, raising money, securing facilities, ironing out details, etc.). Most of the time, I’m finding it to be fun and rewarding.

Today I came across this Jerry Bridges quote over at “Of First Importance” and it was a good reminder of the reality that all this work must be done in complete dependence on God rather than self-reliance in order to really honor Christ:

“Faith in Christ and a reliance on ourselves, even to the smallest degree, are mutually exclusive.”

Anytime we do this work in our own strength, relying only on what we can see and touch and feel, we become practical atheists. May this church be birthed and grown through a rock-solid faith in Christ that depends fully on him.

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