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Exercising Kingdom-Mindedness

I had breakfast today with a fellow church planter who is beginning to work in the same general vicinity as Second Mile. I have to confess that the natural (i.e. not Spirit-led) part of me begins to think somewhat competitively rather than cooperatively. I was reminded through meeting with him that there are people that his church will reach through their network of relationships that Second Mile would never reach and vice versa. Instead of feeling insecure and threatened, I began to feel strengthened as I prayed for his new church to be as strong and healthy as I hope for Second Mile.

In Tim Keller’s wonderful article, “Why Plant Churches,” he makes the point that one of the reasons to engage in vigorous, consistent church planting is that it is an exercise in Kingdom-mindedness. He writes, “Our attitude to new church development is a test of whether our mindset is geared to our own institutional turf, or to the overall health and prosperity of the kingdom of God in the city.”

I pray that Second Mile Church would be committed to the overall good of the whole city–and this definitely includes the health and vitality of the city’s Bible-believing churches.

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