Praying for the Spirit

Our leaders have been working through some brief studies on prayer from Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church and then spending extended time in prayer. This week’s study talks about the difference between praying for just “temporal” blessings (food and clothing, adequate housing, health, etc.) and “Spirit” blessings (growth in holiness, experiencing God’s love, fellowship with God, etc.). Here’s a quote that is particularly insightful:

The fact that we pray so much more instinctively, consistently, and fervently for money, health, reputation, approval, and social status than we do for the glory of God and the work of his Spirit shows what our hearts are really after and really trusting in…To begin praying for the operations of the Spirit is not simply a matter of scheduling more time for it! We have to repent for the reasons we haven’t been praying for them.

Our prayer is that the people of Second Mile Church, individually and together, will be people marked by praying for the glory of God and the work of the Spirit in their lives.

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