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The Key to Change

The most important task of a church is to make disciples. In other words, each member of a worshiping community must be striving to help other people become more and more like Jesus. Here’s a terrific quote about how that kind of transformation takes place:

“If we are to change we must be regularly preaching the gospel to ourselves and believing it. We must be continually showing ourselves, and those we counsel, the depths and greatness of God’s love for them. We must stop wasting our time trying to convince ourselves that we are lovable, and instead rest in the glorious fact that we are loved. It is this message which God uses to change us at the motivational level.” (Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Group Handbook, Sec. 4.2, p. 9)

May we be a people who are convinced of the unstoppable love that Jesus has demonstrated on the cross! For a website that will help you continually focus on “preaching the gospel to yourself,” click here.


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Info Meeting Was Great!

We had our first public informational meeting tonight, and it was wonderful. We had a good turnout and a lot of energy as people are considering whether God is calling them to participate in this mission to Queen Creek and Williams Gateway. Fourteen people committed to being part of the launch team(!) and many others are praying through what they should do. It was fun to share about the direction we’re going and to hear the questions people asked. (Click here for a copy of what we handed out)

One question that stuck out to me was one that I’ve heard a few times: “What can we do to help?” This answer to this question will evolve over time, but for now here are some things I hope people will do.

1. Pray – I’m saddened that this has become so trite in people’s minds as if it’s assumed. But if you’re like me, it takes some work to really commit to pray something over a long haul and not give up (Luke 18:1-8). I hope you’ll really pray that God would be made much of through this new work.

2. Have a friend or neighbor over for dinner – At the heart of our mission is going to be people who love their neighbor. You want to help the kingdom of God? You want to help this new church? Join in on Jesus’ mission and demonstrate friendship and hospitality to somebody in your life who doesn’t yet love God.

3. Discover your gifts and put them to use – It’s wonderful to serve just because there’s a need. It’s even better to serve out of an area that God has supernaturally gifted you in. Here’s an online test that might help give you some direction.

Thanks to those who came! It was a great night. I’m joining with many in praying that God will make it clear to them whether they should “step out” and help Second Mile or “step up” their commitment to EVBC.

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