The Key to Change

The most important task of a church is to make disciples. In other words, each member of a worshiping community must be striving to help other people become more and more like Jesus. Here’s a terrific quote about how that kind of transformation takes place:

“If we are to change we must be regularly preaching the gospel to ourselves and believing it. We must be continually showing ourselves, and those we counsel, the depths and greatness of God’s love for them. We must stop wasting our time trying to convince ourselves that we are lovable, and instead rest in the glorious fact that we are loved. It is this message which God uses to change us at the motivational level.” (Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Group Handbook, Sec. 4.2, p. 9)

May we be a people who are convinced of the unstoppable love that Jesus has demonstrated on the cross! For a website that will help you continually focus on “preaching the gospel to yourself,” click here.



  1. “Rest in the glorious fact that we are loved” « Of First Importance

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